Wednesday, in which I stand around and let other people do the talking.

I woke up at nine today and got ready for school. No time for news updates, not when sleeping in till the last possible second is the priority of the moment!

I spent the morning in the Interactive Media Lab in Weimer, ostensibly to finish up any last minute work on my website. Given that I’ve spent so much time on this website already over the last month, I didn’t honestly have much to do. I ended up becoming a back-up sounding board/troubleshooter for a few of the other students who were having problems with their sites. Not because I knew what I was doing or anything, since I totally don’t, but more because I was available and people were desperate.

I was cool with it, though. It kept me from having to look at my website any more than I had to. I’m kind of over it already. I just want to toss it into the grading abyss and never think about it ever again.



Which is made all the more sad by the fact that I still have to burn the site to a CD tonight to hand in tomorrow. And when I do that, I know that I am going to inevitably double-check everything one last time. Just to be sure. So, that’ll take an hour or three. Ugh.

Anyway, after lab I went to grab a quick lunch. I nabbed a copy of The Alligator, but I honestly didn’t read much of it. I was preoccupied with the upcoming presentation I had to give and all the worries that come along with that. I do recall reading about the really bad crash on I-75 that occurred yesterday morning.

I went to our classroom after lunch at about 1 p.m. Even though this was like two hours before class began, I went ahead and started setting up the computer for our presentation. I wanted to make sure I had all the links in the right order for a smooth flow, but this ended up being a completely moot point since we ended up bouncing around a bit as people brought up various topics. But that’s cool. I’m really glad the class was interested in the topic and had lots to say. The time honestly flew by and, before we knew it, it was time to go. Which is the best way a presentation can go.

Backtracking a bit, after I had set up the links, but before class began, I did check in to Twitter, Facebook, and my email via the iPod since I hadn’t had a chance to do so all day. Beyond shooting an @ reply to a friend on Twitter, though, I didn’t do much.

After class, I returned home and turned on the computer. I prepared dinner and watched a few videos on Youtube, then checked on the class blogs to see how I was supposed to go about putting our presentation online. I emailed Tianning the link to the online presentations and let her know we had a week to put everything together.

To unwind a bit, I fired up a podcast and played some Dragon Quest IX. I used to be a huge podcast fanatic in Japan. I was subscribed to something like 20 and would listen to them all in their entirety as I would ride buses and trains, bike to places, or simply when I was bored at work. When I became a graduate student, however, I slowly fell out of the habit of listening to them. It didn’t help that a lot of the shows I really liked ceased production.

I still listen to certain ones on occasion, however. Geeky ones. Which honestly, when we talk about podcasting, what else is there? As we speak, I’m downloading last week’s This American Life to listen to while I perform my totally final website check.

After I finished my podcast listening/gaming session, I checked on my news apps and the Gainesville Sun. The BBC had a story on the head of the FCC’s new proposal to maintain net neutrality, which is a pretty big deal. I believe this was the story Professor McAdams mentioned earlier today near the start of our presentation, to which I gave a puzzled look in response to. There’s a whole lot of news coinciding with this, as well. I mentioned yesterday a story about an investigation into how Google was allegedly giving preferential treatment to certain search results. There’s also Comcast’s apparent strong-arming of Netflix.

In other news, someone answered the question of “how can we insure Alan will read our story” by combining Japan, social networks sites, social network games, and people wearing ridiculous hats.

It’s like they can see into my mind.

Uh, there was also this. Yeah, I have no idea either.

I did another check of Twitter, and had a short conversation with a fellow student on Facebook. I then proceeded to work on my website till about midnight, where I finally burned the thing onto a CD and chucked it into my book bag. Forcibly.

I then pulled up Word and finished writing this entry. I look forward to passing out now and running around franticly tomorrow as I prepare for my proposal defense on Friday. Awesome.


2 Responses to Wednesday, in which I stand around and let other people do the talking.

  1. So, your geeky podcasts – are/were they mostly about games, or other geeky topics?

    I am always sort of surprised how geeky young people are not into MAKING things online – coding, Web design, etc. My godson (age 16) is the same: plays games all day, never had a blog or a website. What’s up with that?

    Gosh, I love what science tells us, don’t you? (Homosexual birds!?)

  2. aflaten says:

    I did listen to a lot of gaming podcasts. Some specific to certain genres, others just general gaming news. I also listened to a few pop culture, or geek culture, podcasts. TV shows, movies, comics and the like.

    And I take offense to the idea that gamers are supposed to be smart and creative go-getters. I mean, you don’t expect people who watch movies all the time to get up and direct one, right? Or professed audiophiles to necessarily be accomplished musicians? I demand that gamers be looked down upon as the slackers they truly are!

    …wait a second. I don’t think that came out right.

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