Thursday, in which I spend way more time than I should with Powerpoint.

As I pause to reflect over the last few days of media diary entries, I can’t help but think I’m giving the impression that my life is pretty much nothing but huge amounts of never-ending schoolwork. This instills upon me a desire to set the record straight.

My life is pretty much nothing but huge amounts of never-ending schoolwork.

I got up around 11 today, a bit earlier than I would have liked, but there was no going back to sleep. It’d been a rough night.

I checked the news and my email. Big story today was about NASA’s discovery of an organism that thrives off of arsenic. I’m not a big science person, but the significance of this was not lost to me. It’s a crazy big universe full of possibilities out there, and we just added a whole lot more to the mix.

I got ready for school and hit the road. Today was our final lecture and we had to turn in our website projects. I gladly handed the CD in and banished it entirely from my mind. Unfortunately, I will still have to give a presentation about the site next week, but at least for the moment I could know some respite.

Class came and went and I returned home and then immediately jumped in the car to run some errands. I didn’t need to go anywhere particularly far, so I just let the stereo play the Dream Theater CD that has been in there for probably 3 weeks now. I generally don’t listen to the radio.

Beyond that, there was no media usage whatsoever till I returned home. I looked at my email to see if any committee members had responded to an email I had sent last night about our upcoming meeting tomorrow. I also took a look at Twitter, and followed a few links to some articles. One was on the future of newspapers, and the other was on the state of gaming “journalism.”

I also found out that Words With Friends got bought up by Zynga. How fitting.

After this, I got to work on my presentation for tomorrow. I opened my thesis proposal and read through it, which I actually haven’t done in a few weeks. I spent the better part of September and October researching and writing the thing, so it felt a bit odd to return to it after putting it aside to work on… well, everything else.

I eventually needed a break from reading and rereading, so I decided to have dinner accompanied by the best show ever, Hell’s Kitchen. I had caught up on the show over the last few weeks via the main website, and yesterday’s new episode was now online. It’s the greatest in trashy cooking show reality television. And that is quite a distinguished market. I can really relate to what goes on it, but not because I can cook or have any aspirations for opening a restaurant.

No, I just like to curse a lot. Chef Ramsey is like an idol in that regard.

After the episode was over, I opened up Powerpoint with a resigned sigh. I then immediately posted on Facebook something to the effect that “a small part of me dies in an explosion of boredom every time I open Powerpoint.”

I then spent the next couple of hours creating the presentation. Most of the time was spent in Powerpoint, but some of it was spent going online and checking email or getting sidetracked by Yahoo News. Apparently a student at UF had his name and photo falsely tied to a murder. That’s got to make getting a speeding ticket an awkward affair.

Once the Powerpoint presentation was finished, I went ahead and emailed it to myself, then opened up Word to type up this entry. As it stands, I need to wake up pretty early tomorrow, and I didn’t exactly have a great night of sleep last night, so I think I will be turning in early. I plan on posting this, then spending some time going over the Powerpoint once or twice. After that, I want to get some sleep and just get through tomorrow.




2 Responses to Thursday, in which I spend way more time than I should with Powerpoint.

  1. Hell’s Kitchen is really too damned watchable. I have to avoid it, especially if they run a bunch of episodes back-to-back.

    Oh, that story about the wrong guy associated with a murder charge is very scary. It can be near impossible to clear your name and record after something like that! (There were cases in a scary book I used to make the MMC 6612 students read: No Place to Hide.)

    I almost feel sorry for you, working so hard on your PowerPoint. Almost. 🙂

  2. aflaten says:

    That book sound awesome. Although, I think after the whole Internet privacy presentation, I’m fairly paranoid enough as it is.

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