Tuesday, in which there is no energy to be found.

I woke up at 11:30 and did a quick scan of the news headlines via the iPod. The main stories that caught my attention were the student riots in Italy and the European Commission’s investigation into Google’s alleged search manipulations. I quickly scanned the stories, since I didn’t have a ton of time before class started, then got ready to go.

I took my bike to school, as I normally do. Actually, I don’t think I’ve gone to school using the bus at all this semester, which is a bit strange. It’s most likely because it hasn’t been a particularly rainy season.

I’m quite comfortable with biking. It was also my primary means of transportation in Japan. The big difference is that, in Japan, I always use to ride around with my iPod blaring. Here, the first day I rode my bike on campus, I got pulled over by the UPD and kindly told to “not ride with headphones on again.”

So I haven’t. I instead entertain myself by listening to the music blaring from the passing cars instead.

I got to class early, so I pulled the iPod out again and checked email, Twitter, and Facebook. I saw that Professor McAdams had left some comments on my previous posts, which was cool. Since WordPress for iPod blows, I decided I would respond to them later.

My lecture began. We were discussing the future of media and journalism. This is a topic I think I’ve discussed in every single class I’ve taken at UF. I actually don’t mind it, though. It’s certainly a large enough discussion that you can come away with something new and interesting every time. Even if the general consensus at the end is “we’ll find out.”

Once class wrapped up, I went to Weimer to meet up with Tianning to discuss our presentation for tomorrow. We met at about 2:30 and worked until 4:30, comparing notes and showing each other the various sites and videos we found related to Internet privacy and surveillance.

I think we have a fair amount of content. I look forward to watching everyone leave class looking haunted and feeling paranoid. It’ll be great.

I said goodbye to Tianning and went over to the Hub to grab a bite to eat. I pulled a copy of The Alligator along the way and read it with my meal. The Alligator may not be the pinnacle of professional journalism, but I enjoy reading it since it’s essentially from my peers. It was only last fall semester that I was taking Reporting for the first time.

There was a solid column on academic snobbery and hiring practices (my words, not the author’s). This is a discussion I have with my father often, so it resonated with me. We’re both of the opinion that degrees can only carry a person so far and should supplement, but not replace, real world experience. It’s part of the reason why I am choosing not to continue with school after obtaining my Master’s.

I returned home after my late lunch/early dinner and considered what to do next. I took a look at my email, Facebook, and Twitter once again. There was nothing particularly exciting to be found there. I figured I should probably do more work on something, but to be honest, I felt a bit listless. I opted to take a walk to try to revitalize myself.

I didn’t take anything media-related with me on my walk, so I guess I don’t really need to spend any more time on it. So I won’t. Hurray for efficiency!

When I got back, I talked with a friend via AIM for a bit and found that I had lost my Words With Friends game. It was finally over. Hallelujah.

I browsed a bit and found a few more things to potentially talk about for the presentation tomorrow. I don’t even know why I’m still looking, since I’m pretty sure we won’t get to cover everything we have already. Still, there’s always the chance that people will be so tired/disinterested/over it that no one will speak and we blow through all our content. I’d rather not be left in the position of shrugging awkwardly and going, “Uh, that’s it. Thanks everyone, you’ve been a great audience.”

I took a look on Youtube and found a few new videos via my subscriptions, so I watched them. They are gaming related and probably of little interest to anyone else, but I enjoy them. They’re independently done, free and have short run times. All things I appreciate in my media.

I also took a look at the Gainesville Sun website and was pleased to see we’ll finally have some cool weather coming. I’m a big fan of the cold. I was less pleased to hear about the chance of rain tomorrow morning. Not a big fan of biking in the rain. But it looks like it will be alright by the time I leave.

After this, I pulled open Word and started writing this entry. This reminded me that I have to reply to Professor McAdam’s comments, so I’ll do that after I post this.

I plan on turning in earlier than usual tonight since there’s a long day ahead of me. Over the next hour, I will proofread my website once more so that all I have to do in lab tomorrow is clean up the CSS and add some comments to the HTML. After this, I may sneak in a bit of Dragon Quest IX before bed. Honestly, I’m not so sure. I’m pretty tired.

Sorry if there was less energy in this post than usual. On the plus side, it’s shorter!


One Response to Tuesday, in which there is no energy to be found.

  1. I’m glad that Alligator column mentioned Dr. Lewis. He’s a perfect model of what a journalism professor should be. But “professor” is a particular kind of thing, as is a university. Hence the degrees.

    I am not a big fan of cold. Last night at 9:30, it was pretty darned cold!

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