Monday, in which I vow to find new friends.

When I first read about the leak, to say I was shocked and appalled would be an understatement.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s scale it back a bit.

I woke up at 10 today, which is earlier than I would have liked, but it was by design. See, I needed to find out what Amazon’s special deal was going to be! They’ve been doing this kind of annoying promotion where they give a cryptic clue referring to a particular item that will go on sale at X time for Y length. Before going to bed last night, I noticed that “the ultimate music party game” was going to be going on sale at 10 a.m. Now, there’s a lot of music games out there, but it seemed reasonable to think that it might have been DJ Hero 2, so I set my alarm and hoped for the best.

It was Band Hero for the Wii. To call that “the ultimate music party game” is at about the same level of hyperbole as me stating that this blog is “the ultimate in academic professionalism.”

Since I was already up and on the computer, I figured I would check out Twitter and Facebook. As you can imagine, that’s where I first discovered that highly classified and delicate information had been spread.

That’s right. Robbie Hilson had discovered my blog via WordPress’ infernal habit of alerting others when their blogs have been linked to. He then took it upon himself to release the link to this extremely confidential, yet totally open to the public, blog on Facebook.

Oh, the humanity.

Now I’ve got a bunch of people reading this nonsense and sending me positive reinforcement. Like I really need that. Stupid, supportive friends.

Lamenting the loss of the privacy I worked so hard to maintain by having a public WordPress blog that had my name all over it, I turned away from the computer and did the only sensible thing I could.

I went back to sleep. In a totally angry manner.

I woke up a second time at about 1:30. Since I had to stop by the front office of my complex to let them know the dishwasher wasn’t working, I decided to forgo the typical iPod news updates and just get dressed and ready to run. Which I did.

I picked up where I left off on the old Sota playlist. I think the reason I enjoy running to vapid trance is that it doesn’t really require much in the way of temporal processing. That way, my brain can focus on more important thoughts like “I really hope I don’t pass out in front of those girls at the bus stop” and “Man, it sure was fortunate those girls at the bus stop knew CPR.”

I returned home and checked my email, Facebook, Twitter, and this blog. Sage Alan is reaching all new levels of popularity. We’re at nearly tens of readers.

I shook my fist in the air and muttered “Hilson…” at no one in particular.

I then went to the iPod for my news. I suppose I could have just looked it up on the computer, but I am just kind of used to reading the headlines on the apps now. Besides, I needed to see if it was my turn yet on Words With Friends.

It was. I played a single U for the word Mu. Riveting.

Lots of stories about the Wikileaks releases. Leslie Nielsen passed away, which is a total bummer. A Mexican gang leader whose name I can’t recall apparently ordered a bunch of people killed. The President of South Korea thinks that North Korea shooting at them was kind of lame. I may be taking some liberties with the actual quote.

Oh, and President Obama mentioned something about federal workers having their pay frozen for a few years. It probably wasn’t anything too important, since the NYT presented the article using a photo with the caption “Stitches on President Obama’s lip were evident during a press conference about federal spending on Monday.” Since the fallout of basketball pickup games is clearly what matters most here.

Over the next hour, I played a game I like to call “doing anything and everything that isn’t productive.” It involves a lot of aimless Internet browsing, random IM conversations, and looking at Amazon every half-hour to see if anything worthwhile is on sale. It doesn’t involve preparing for the two presentations I have this week or working on my website. It’s the best game ever. I did manage to reopen my Word document and write this paragraph, though.

That’s me, alright. Getting things done.

I watched a few videos on Youtube of various game-related things and checked the gaming blogs. Microsoft’s Kinect is selling well. I have yet to be impressed by it. It’s not particularly fine-tuned and requires some very specific conditions to work properly. But I think the potential is there, and hopefully in another year we’ll see some great stuff.

I read this editorial on The Alligator that I noticed Robbie had posted a link to on Facebook. I then went to the Gainesville Sun website to see if anything interesting was going on around here.

Uhhhhh….  well, gas prices dropped by two cents. That’s going straight to the retirement fund.

After a dinner break, during which I watched a game review of Michael Jackson: The Experience for Wii (I think I’ll pass), I decided to go ahead and write up my comments for this week’s class blog entries. Once I finished with that, I saw a gaming deal I could not ignore on Amazon, which was Demon’s Souls for 17 bucks. This is a game that is reported to be extremely difficult and, since I naturally hate myself, I picked it up immediately.

I also noticed they had a clue that sounded like it referred to the original DJ Hero for a sale going up in 20 minutes. After some general complaining about the fact that I am not made of money, directed at no one in particular, I decided that I would definitely have to check back. After blowing time on Failblog, I did. It was indeed DJ Hero. It was not at a very good price, though. Lame.

Heartbroken, I went back to Words With Friends. Did you know that a xu is a form of Vietnamese currency? Yeah, me neither. I played it anyway.

I spent the next two hours gathering more research for the class presentation on Wednesday. Looking up US legal practices has never been more fun. I mean, check this guy out. I have never seen anyone so thrilled to talk about invasion of privacy laws. Calm down, you party animal.

Once I had all the fun I could possibly take at, I decided to read our final assigned chapter for MMC 5015. It’s from the book HTML, XHTML & CSS Sixth Edition. Its plot revolves around some terribly demented individual who enacts a plan to bore all graduate students to death by publishing the most incomprehensible book imaginable. I don’t recommend it.

At this point, it was close enough to midnight that I decided to finish writing up this post for the blog. After this, I anticipate playing some more Dragon Quest IX, which I did start last night, and then going to bed.

Good stuff.


2 Responses to Monday, in which I vow to find new friends.

  1. You actually got up early to check an online deal? Wow. I learn a lot from these diaries!

    So your secret blog has been outed by In the week when you are giving a presentation about privacy. You know I’m smiling.

    Your observation about the choices made by NYT photo editors was also amusing.

    That editorial is pretty awesome.

    You went to the Gainesville Sun website? Another first for the diary writers! You are original.

    That Wisegeek guy has a REALLY ugly website.

  2. aflaten says:

    Well, I wasn’t going to sit out on a lawn chair outside Target for Black Friday, but I figured I could wake up at 10 a.m. and stumble to my computer for Cyber Monday.

    The irony of my “lost privacy” on this, of all weeks, was not lost to me either.

    What Wisegeek lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in creepy enthusiasm.

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