Sunday, in which the tangents are many.

Alright, so it begins. A week’s worth of keeping track of media use. I’ll be honest, I believe myself to be pretty aware of my media habits already. It’s hard not to be when you go to graduate school as a mass communication student. So I am not entirely sure I am going to come to any startling realizations when all is said and done. I state this now so that, in a week’s time when I come to a startling realization, we can all look back to this post and laugh at my presumptuous posturing. Oh, that Alan. What a goon.

Last night, I went to bed at about 5:30 in the morning. Get used to reading this sort of thing. I actually wasn’t entirely sure whether I should be tracking my habits from midnight to midnight or wait till I woke up. Ultimately, I decided to just wait till I awoke today, which was just after 1 p.m.

As has been my habit since I got it about a month ago, I started up my iPod Touch while lying in bed and scanned the BBC and NYT news apps to see the latest headlines. Apparently, Japan is aping the U.S. and doing their own stimulus package for their economy, Ireland is getting a bailout from the European Union, Korea is still a powder keg, and Mohamed Mohamud was a “perfectly normal guy” according to another student in his high school. Oh, and the US army thinks making robots for war is a fabulous idea.

Naturally, I think this a fantastic idea as well, and I hope that our future robot leaders will remember my support after the coming robo-pocalypse.

After my news needs were somewhat satiated, I got up and prepared for my morning afternoon run. I listen to music while running, not only for entertainment, but as a way to help keep track of time. I tend to listen to admittedly generic trance with terribly banal lyrics. It’s awesome. Can’t get enough of that stuff.

Lately, I’ve been running to the music of Sota Fujimori, a Japanese game composer for Konami Computer Entertainment of Japan. He’s incredibly talented in that he can pretty much write the exact same song 30 times and still entertain me with it. Or it might be that I have no taste in music whatsoever. Nevertheless, I’ve followed the guy for like ten years, so there you go.

Amusingly, he also likes to include samples that spell out his name in the middle of his songs. It’s charmingly narcissistic. It’d be like if I arranged all the first letters of the paragraphs in my blog post to spell out my name over and over again.

No way that I’d do something like that, though. I mean, what kind of self-serving sycophant do you take me for?

Anyway, I returned home after my run and, after a quick shower, ate lunch while perusing the gaming blog Kotaku, which Donny mentioned in class last week. I also took a look at my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what was going on there. Then I went to Youtube to see if any of the channels I subscribe to had anything new up. They totally hadn’t, which I think is terribly inconsiderate. I mean, what am I supposed to do without my free entertainment? My self-entitlement was rankled severely by this turn of events.

Leering at the Youtube screen was getting me nowhere, so I decided to open up Word and start writing this very post you are reading now. How meta. I was excited to start writing, mainly because I had come up with that whole A-L-A-N paragraph thing while listening to Sota on my run and thought myself terribly clever.

As you can see, I very easily impress myself. The standards are pretty low.

Noting that I had pretty much caught up to the events of the present, I figured I’d have to move on to other things. It was about this time that a good friend of mine contacted me via AIM about the BBC offering some of their shows on the Playstation Network for free download. I had actually read this story on Kotaku earlier, and remarked back that I wasn’t terribly interested since the shows they mentioned, Top Gear and Dr. Who, are not shows I follow. I actually don’t follow much TV at all, but you’ll come to realize this soon enough. (Spoilers.)

As such, I decided to move on to working on my website project for MMC 5015. It’s mostly come together, but I still need to proofread and clean up some of the code. So I’m going to do that right now. In the present. Which will be in the past to those of you reading it. But is the present for me. Which means I need to stop typing this paragraph and come back to this later. Which I will. Or already did. I’m so confused.

Luckily, I get over this pretty quickly and proceed to spend the next few hours fixing things on the site. This also involved a fair amount of talking to people on AIM, checking Twitter, looking things up in my textbook and playing more trance music. Not any web browsing, though. I know better than traveling down that slippery slope of no return. The site I’m creating is about a Japanese music game series and how to play it. Since I’ve spent about a month working on it and talking about this game, my desire to yammer about it here is approximately equal to my desire to leap off a cliff.

Although I will mention that I actually emailed and received permission from the game’s publisher and developer to take photos and video from the game to put on my site. Which, to be honest, I didn’t really expect. But it means I’m totally legit. Which, in and of itself, is totally hilarious.

Nothing particularly exciting happens from here on out. During dinner, I read my friend Robbie’s latest rant/hopeful post about the ‘Canes (which is a testament to his writing skill, given I do not care in the slightest about college football) and a very inspirational story about how charming a place Gainesville can be. I then switched gears to focus on finding things to talk about for this Wednesday’s class presentation. I’d talk about the things I looked up, but that would just ruin the surprise.

And I know you’re all just so looking forward to it. (I apologize in advance.)

Laboring tirelessly for this class that I love so much, I eventually decided that I’d done enough for one day. I did some tweeting and checked Facebook and my mail again. I also responded to some made-up words my friend played on Words With Friends, which he does with alarming frequency, and pondered on what exactly I am supposed to do with the letters I, I, U, U and O. It’s pretty much been this way the entire game. It cannot end soon enough.

Alas, I feel as though this entry is way too long already, and it’s getting fairly close to midnight, so I imagine I will be cutting it at that magic hour. Though I will most likely be awake for several more hours, I can pretty much tell you that they will be taken up with Failblog and probably starting up Dragon Quest IX, which I picked up on the cheap during Black Friday.

Nevertheless, I shall see you all (meaning just Professor McAdams, since who else would subject themselves to this?) tomorrow. Who knows what mysteries await us during the Cyberist of all Mondays? (Answer: none. The deals all look really lame thus far.)


3 Responses to Sunday, in which the tangents are many.

  1. You are one clever, narcissistic bastard. My only beef is that I didn’t know about this blog sooner. Have a ton of backlog to get caught up on. Great stuff.

  2. Imagine that — a mass comm grad student who reads news feeds first thing in the morning! Er … well, first thing in HIS day, anyway.

    A-L-A-N. You need to get a life! 🙂

    You are the first diarist to mention YouTube subscriptions. And you CHECK them. Interesting. I wonder if that’s common? (I have subscriptions on YouTube, but I never check them.)

    “Laboring tirelessly for this class that I love so much …” Wait a minute. Is that sarcasm? Is it?

    • aflaten says:

      Yeah, I’m a grad student. We’re not allowed to have lives outside of school.

      I doubt checking YouTube subscriptions is particularly common since I imagine most people would be watching TV or streaming Netflix videos or something instead. Those aren’t options for me, so I rely more on gaming and Internet “shows” for my vapid entertainment needs.

      And I resent that you would take that comment as being sarcastic. It was clearly shameless toadying.

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